Several studios working with former Planescape: Torment and Fallout: New Vegas writer Chris Avellone have released statements over the last 24 hours addressing their working relationship with the writer after he was accused of sexual harassment (as reported by Gamasutra) in a series of posts on social media over the weekend.

As spotted by Eurogamer - Dying Light 2 developer Techland said in a statement posted to Twitter that it had parted ways with the writer, saying 'We treat matters of sexual harassment and disrespect with utmost care, and have no tolerance for such behaviours - it applies to both our employees as well as external consultants, Chris among them. This is why, together with Chris Avellone, we've decided to end our cooperation.'

Paradox Interactive, publisher for Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 which Avellone had also recently worked on, released a statement to Gamespot saying 'Chris Avellone briefly worked with the Bloodlines 2 writing team early in the development of the game. Through an iterative creative process, however, none of his contributions remain in the game that Hardsuit Labs is continuing to develop.' Paradox did stop short at specifcally commenting on the allegations made against Avellone. 

A third studio the writer was working with on the upcoming RPG The Waylanders - Gato Studio - also issued their own statement via Twitter, saying 'Studio Gato Salvaje and The Wayfarers team take matters of abusive and predatory behaviour very seriously and we stand against the kind of behaviour that was alleged to have happened in the stories shared over the weekend.'

Avellone himself is yet to give a public statement on the accusations at the time of writing, outside of responding to specific tweets in relation to the incidents. 


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