Too Human boss Denis Dyack could never be accused of holding back on what he's thinking.

Following an almost constant barrage of negativity aimed at his upcoming game, Too Human, Dyack has posted on the popular NeoGaf forum stating that he's so confident in his game that he's prepared to be labelled "Owned by GAF" if he's wrong.

"I feel Too Human is a great game, likely to be better than most that will come out this year," wrote Dyack. "I certainly feel it is the best game we have ever made. I also believe the press and gamers alike will believe this."

He continued: "When the game is released and everyone plays game all the speculation will be over. If I am wrong and gamers in general think the game is "crap" then I am comfortable with getting tagged 'Owned by the GAF'.

"However, if I am right and it is received well, I would like to see those 'Against' to be tagged with 'Owned by Too Human'."

Too Human is scheduled for release exclusively for Xbox 360 on August 29.