Speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton today, Denis Dyack, founder of Silicon Knights, has said he believes Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain could turn out to be a "fantastic experience".

Asked by VideoGamer.com for his take on the game, Dyack said:

"They're really trying to break some of the uncanny valley issues that you find in video games,

"I think what they appear to be striving for is really good. I don't think that everyone should do that. I remember leaving the film A Million Dollar Baby and thinking, that's so emotionally riveting for me that I want to be able to create a video game that does the same thing. If that's what they're striving to do, whatever technique they use, whether it be the cinema or the quick time events, I think that's a good thing.

"Now, doing it in such a way that doesn't frustrate the player so he doesn't feel like he's just watching or playing something like Dragon's Lair, that's the trick. So, I would love to see that. I would love to see something interactive that was just as moving as A Million Dollar Baby. If they're able to do that, that would be fantastic. I think what they're driving for appears to be the right direction."

Heavy Rain is scheduled for release for PS3 in 2010.