Indie delight Dustforce is set to receive a level editor today, developer Hitbox Team has announced.

The charming PC sweep-em-up received a joyous 8/10 in its Dustforce review. 8 is the cleanest score of all, don't you think? The way it simply loops around forever and ever and ever is just so nice and tidy. It's the only score that was right for Dustforce, which is now adding further polish in an unending bid to buff its surface into a rich, deep lustre.

The tool will be made available for free to everyone who has already purchased the game, according to Indie Game Mag.

The level creator looks a bit like a nice and simple paint application, as evidenced by this official video, found on some arcane webland called YouTube:

Looks easy, right? I'm not so sure. Here's a picture of Mass Effect's Commander Shepard I recently doodled in MSPaint:


I don't think I'll be making any Dustforce levels any time soon...