Lexicon Entertainment has announced the development of Dubbers Adventure, a new title from Newrosoft for Nintendo DS and Wii.

Dubbers Adventure takes players to the magical world of Dubberia, in which players will explore the depths of the forest, the trunk of a secular tree and the palace of the spider king.

The Dubbers are a peaceful tribe of small furry beings, descendents of the forest fairies that have grown without wings so they can live on the ground. They feed on the tree bark and hunt the parasites that infest the trees, so some families have developed expert tree climbing abilities. The Dubbers are at the top of society because they are the ones that bring food to their people.

Players take control of Rubb 'e' Rang of the Rang Family, the one closest to the King of all Dubbers, Ruler of Dubberia. Rubb has been trained to become the best climber in the tribe and can climb almost anything and is aided by a magical hand that can extend to reach higher than any other Dubber.

Players must help Dubb find his way through 90 levels of fun and adventure, with more than 15 enemies and bosses to defeat.

Dubbers Adventure is scheduled for release on Nintendo DS and Wii in Q4 2008.