Evolution Studios doesn't see Gran Turismo 6 as a rival to DriveClub, the studio has told VideoGamer.com, despite the two racers being due to go on sale around the same time as one another.

Speaking to us during E3, DriveClub's senior designer Ben Gouldstone said: "We don't see Gran Turismo as a rival title.

"We focus on the development of DriveClub and what it embodies. It comes back to issuing challenges, it comes back to the community side of things and clubs. It comes back to driving the greatest cars and the greatest roads. They're our colours, that's what we focus on, and that's the message we look to deliver, and I think that resonates with the gaming community."

GouldStone claims that Evolution is aiming for "pick up and playability" with DriveClub, rather than provide a specialist racing experience similar to Gran Turismo.

"The way that we're pitching DriveClub is to essentially have that instant pick up and playability, but [with] depth," he continued. "So if you've got someone who is fairly new to racing games, they can put the pad in their hand and set somewhat competitive lap times. But then if you're all about full-on, shaving tenths of a second, you can do that too."

DriveClub is due to launch alongside PS4 this Christmas, with a stripped-down PS Plus Edition available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. VideoGamer.com went hands on with the game last week and came away with mixed feelings.

Gran Turismo 6, meanwhile, launches on PS3 later this year.