DriveClub isn't running at 60 frames per second yet, but Evolution is still hoping to hit the frame rate in time for launch, the studio told today.

When asked for an update on the frame rate at Gamescom, game director Col Rodgers told us that DriveClub is still "targeted 60 frames".

"So the build that you'll be seeing on the show floor at Gamescom is locked at 30 [FPS]," added design director Paul Rustchynsky. "We're still aiming towards [60 FPS]. We're still in development. We've still got a few months to go."

He continued: "We've built the physics systems and all the light systems so that they can cope with potentially any frame rate. We didn't want to lock ourselves down early on. We wanted to give ourselves some flexibility with that in mind, so we've got the option potentially."

DriveClub is due to launch alongside PlayStation 4 on November 29. A free PlayStation Plus Edition will be available to all PlayStation Plus subscribers.