Mike Harradence by on Jan 23, 2019

Dreams beta player recreates P.T.

People have been trying to remake P.T. for a while now, some more successful than others. However, one player has taken things to the next step by cobbling together a pretty faithful version of the Silent Hills teaser in the Dreams beta.

Twitter user Sergeant Bike (via PST) shared a 30-second clip of his P.T. 'remake' in Media Molecule's do-it-yourself-'em-up, and the results are quite impressive. Check out that corridor — gives you the chills, does it not? 

P.T. launched in 2014 following Silent Hills' announcement, but was taken down by Konami after all the drama with Hideo Kojima. Silent Hills was subsequently cancelled too, which is a shame as it was looking fantastic. 

Check out the P.T. Dreams teaser below.



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