Dragon's Dogma has sold more than 1m copies worldwide, securing its future as a major Capcom franchise.

The publisher states that it now wants Dragon's Dogma to be a "another pillar of earnings" alongside Monster Hunter and Sengoku BASARA - the samurai series you've almost certainly never played.

("Another pillar of earnings" is suit-speak for "game series that makes us a butt-load of cash").

"Dragon's Dogma set a new record in Japan for sales volume of an entirely new brand in its first week for releases during the past decade. Worldwide shipments have surpassed one million," reads the self-congratulatory press release.

"As a result, Dragon's Dogma has become Capcom's 55th title to top the one million level, demonstrating once again that Capcom ranks among the world's leading game producers in terms of technical and development skills."

The press release also hints that we can expect DLC in the near future.

In March the producer of Dragon's Dogma, Hideaki Itsuno, told us that he hoped the game would sell 10m copies worldwide. That was obviously a bit optimistic, but we're happy it's done well - we scored it a respectable seven in our review.