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Dragon Age 4 “behind-the-scenes” snippet shows off concept art and works-in-progress

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BioWare showed off some of the concept art and works-in-progress of the next Dragon Age game during Gamescom Opening Night Live.

Dragon Age 4 (that’s what we’re calling it, that’s probably what it will be called) isn’t launching any time soon. ‘I mean you should assume that there is Dragon Age out there and we’ve talked about it publicly that it’s in the works, and it probably comes after fiscal ‘22,’ said chief operating officer and chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen in October 2019. You can tell he was really struggling to curb his enthusiasm for a followup to the critically-acclaimed Dragon Age Inquisition. 

Anyway. Yesterday, we got some actual concept art and works-in-progress for the new RPG. “We’re still in early production,” qualified general manager Casey Hudson. “But we thought it was time to give you the very first look at how BioWare’s passionate team of developers are crafting this very special game.” Predominantly composed of concept art with a handful of in-progress models and animations, Dragon Age developers also add their own comment on their approach to the new Dragon Age entry.

“For the game we’re working on now, we want to tell a story [of] what happens when you don’t have power,” said lead writer Patrick Weekes. “What happens when the people in charge aren’t willing to address the issues?” That’s certainly a change of tack from the story of Inquisition, which placed the player character in the driving seat of a newly-reborn religious movement. There were a range of locations shown off through concept art, and so, it might not be as small scale as Dragon Age 2, but is drawing from these themes of “sticking it to the man.”

We also got to see Solas, decked out in a sumptuous set of armor and accompanied by a wolf. The drab pyjamas he wore in Inquisition have been well and truly dumped. There are also references to new characters to the game, like a character named Bellara voiced by Jee Young Han and a Warden named Davrin voiced by Ike Amadi. 

Dragon Age 4 is in development. Watch the “Behind the scenes at BioWare” video below.