Dragon Blade is a third-person hack 'n slash set in a fantasy world devastated and scorched by powerful dragons. The player will rise from the ashes a hero, but must find the pieces of the Dragon Blade - a sword that contains the soul and abilities of a dragon - and unleash a power unlike any seen before.

Using the Dragon blade players will unleash the magical powers of a fierce dragon. Players will utilize an intuitively designed, two handed Wii control scheme to emulate the dragon's arms, wings, tail, fire and more.

Featuring an original story by Richard A. Knaak, one of the best-selling authors behind the immensely popular DragonLance series, players will embark on an epic fantasy adventure in more than 20 unique environments across six stunning worlds.

Using their dragon powers, players will battle colossal enemies and embark on quests to upgrade their weapons and become even more powerful.

Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire is in development at LAND HO! and is scheduled for release on Wii in the autumn.