Dota 2 Outlanders update is so huge that people are calling it “Dota 3”

Dota 2 Outlanders update is so huge that people are calling it “Dota 3”
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The Dota 2 7.23 update, titled “Outlanders”, is now live and shakes up the game in extremely significant areas (via PC Gamer). 

Snapfire and Void Spirit are two totally new heroes added in with the 7.23 update. Beatrix Snapfire is a elderly goblin grandmother who wanders the wastes of Nanarak with her dragon toad, Mortimer. “Beadie's survived to a ripe old age in a young keen's trade by being quick with her wits and even quicker with her guns—indeed, the outlands are littered with the bones of bandits and ne'er-do-wells who thought to take advantage of her small stature and propensity for kindness,” her bio details. She sounds like a legend.

One of the spirit brethren, Inai the Void Spirit is a friendless but formidable being that is able to move in and out of the mortal plane and draw on its energy. These abilities include a shield that causes an AoE pulse of vengeful spirit energy, an Aether Remnant decoy, and portals to evade or surprise enemies. Void Spirit and Snapfire’s skills are laid out on the official 7.23 update post. Including the two new heroes, Dota 2 is getting some significant changes and additions and players are all aflutter with excitement. 

Neutral Outposts, new locations in Outlanders, are placed where Side Shops were. Players must right-click to take it over to receive experience on the outset, then in five minute intervals. These two buildings cannot be seized in the initial ten minutes of a match, but cooperating with allies lets players take the Outpost quicker. 62 new and unique items will be gained from neutrals and these can only be traded between players, and not sold. These 62 items are divided into five tiers and within each tier, the drop rate is halved with each appearance. Drops begin after the initial five minutes of a match, and only one of each item type will appear for each team.

The Dota 2 player base is going nutty for the 7.23 update. Most consider the changes to have shaken and stirred Dota 2 into an entirely new experience, cheekily calling it “Dota 3”. Not all of the alterations have been welcomed with open arms, because a handful of players have concerns that these will alienate rookies. And, expectedly, some preferred the way things were done before. Still, it’s got tongues wagging, and you can see what all the fuss is about in the full update notes here

Dota 2 is out now for PC.