Doom The Dark Ages release window, gameplay, and trailers

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  • Doom: The Dark Ages will be released sometime in 2025. There is currently no release date set.

The latest DOOM game from id Software is firmly in the works, with the developers confirming the release window for our latest foray into Mars (hell). This game has been revealed to be a prequel to DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal. As ever, you play as the DOOM Slayer and you gotta take out the trash, and then some. Here’s what we know about the upcoming game.

doom the dark ages release window date - a large monster with horns lunges at the camera with a blade
Expect plenty of disgusting, gory, and grotesque encounters. Image via id Software

When is Doom The Dark Ages going to be released?

DOOM: The Dark Ages currently has no confirmed release date, but it is scheduled to be released in 2025 at the time of writing. This launch window was confirmed by id Software during the Xbox Game Showcase in June, giving us our first look at the next DOOM entry to grace – and horrify, among other things – our screens all over again. The Steam page for the game is live, with an expected release of 2025.

Doom The Dark Ages gameplay details

As with all DOOM games, The Dark Ages puts you in control of the iconic DOOM Slayer character in their quest to battle with the forces of Hell and other monstrosities that pose a threat to Earth. As such, expect much of the same of what DOOM excels at; an extremely intense, fast-paced first-person-shooter game full of unique weapons, hordes of monsters to shoot, and levels to clear. Rest assured, the trailer has also given us a teaser of the soundtrack that will accompany our slaying, and it is as DOOM as it gets.

Doom The Dark Ages trailers

At the time of writing, the one and only trailer of DOOM: The Dark Ages was revealed during the game’s announcement at the Xbox Games Showcase in June. This trailer tees us up for the prequel story, exploring the history of the DOOM Slayer before we knew them in DOOM Eternal and DOOM (2016). Likewise, the trailer showed us the visceral gameplay synonymous with these games, with weapons that tear through hordes of enemies and the horrific monsters we’ll encounter.

DOOM: The Dark Ages will be released in 2025. It will launch on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

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