Doom Eternal doesn’t have a deathmatch mode

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In an interview at E3, Doom Eternal executive producer Marty Stratton said the sequel to 2016's Doom doesn't have a 'traditional multiplayer mode.' 

Battlemode — the 2 demons v 1 slayer mode that was shown off during Bethesda's press briefing — is the game's 'primary multiplayer mode,' Stratton told IGN

Stratton said that the deathmatch in Eternal's predecessor 'didn't have any of the components of Doom that people loved from the campaign,' so it 'kind of fell flat.'

And it did. Whilst most loved the the campaign, the multiplayer was very cookie-cutter, and developer id Software is well aware.

'In 2016, we discovered we need to lead and not follow. In the single player, we lead. And we owned it, we made a Doom game, we didn’t necessarily care about the trends or anything. In the multiplayer, we took a little bit of this and a little bit of that and it became obvious to fans and obvious to us that’s not what we wanted to do.'

The team would love to implement cross-platform play, Stratton added. 'We want to connect players in as many ways as possible, there’s a lot of publishing and first party type of stuff that we need to sort out, but from a technical perspective, we’ve made sure we haven’t limited ourselves to prevent that.'

Doom Eternal is out November 22 on basically everything, even Google's streaming thing.

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