Doodle Jump leaps past five million sales

Doodle Jump leaps past five million sales
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Doodle Jump has now sold more than five million copies on the Apple App Store, brothers Igor and Marko Pusenjak (Lima Sky) have announced.

“I remember a moment of frustration when we were selling only 20 or 30 copies a day, Igor Pusenjak told The New York Times. “Then we made it into the top 25 apps and we’ve been there for almost a year now.”

There’s more to come from Lima Sky, specifically for iPad, but it won’t be a reworked version of Doodle Jump.

“We were originally going to launch a replica version of Doodle Jump for the iPad, but we’ve decided to build an entirely new game with new features and game play,” Pusenjak said. “We recognise how dedicated our fans are to the game so we want to make sure we build the right experience for them.”

Doodle Jump is available for £0.59 from the App Store.