Imogen Donovan by on Aug 3, 2020

Don’t worry, Bayonetta 3 is still “going fine,” says Hideki Kamiya

Hideki Kamiya has once again affirmed that Bayonetta 3 is progressing well in its development (via Nintendo Life).

Announced at The Game Awards 2017, PlatinumGames has been very secretive about the anticipated entry to the series. Atsushi Inaba said that “things are going well” at E3 2019, and added that the team’s silence was in fact intentional. “Giving updates for everything at E3 isn’t the smartest PR strategy to begin with,” he said. “So just because we’re not showing it here doesn’t mean it’s not going well. It’s going to be a high quality title and we’re putting our all into it. That is what you’re seeing.” 

In January of this year, series creator Hideki Kamiya updated fans with the statement that “development is also progressing very smoothly.” And now, in a new interview with GameXplain, he’s confirmed again that “it’s going fine.” He also spoke about the impact of the pandemic on the productivity of PlatinumGames. “I think honestly, that's something that we're going to have to see,” he replied. “We're working from home, we're trying to do what we can to get to kind of work with this new work style. It's still very early and I think that how well we're able to adapt is really going to show how we can, you know – not with just this situation – but with any other situation to pop up, as a company it's a challenge for us.”

Bayonetta 3 is in development for Switch.


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