Don't Starve's Reign of Giants DLC will be available to download on PS4 next Tuesday, July 22 in North America and Wednesday, July 23 in Europe, Klei Entertainment has announced.

The expansion will cost $4.99 with PS Plus members given an additional 10 per cent discount. A UK price has yet to be confirmed.

Reign of Giants introduces two new playable characters - Wigfrid and Webber - and a "bigger, badder world" that tasks players to survive for a whole year round. You'll also get an extra save slot.

A new patch will also be released to all users introducing bug fixes, performance enhancements and the following features:

  • Added Snow Chester and Shadow Chester
  • New in-game text strings & dialogue
  • Option to disable Screen Shake
  • Expanded options for World Generation
  • New ability to save custom pre-sets in World Generation screen
  • Random character select option when starting a new game