Warner Brothers today announced a new game based on the Harry Callahan character, famously portrayed by Hollywood uber-megastar Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry movies. As well as the name and setting, the company have afforded themselves a bit of a coup by signing up old man Eastwood to appear in the games, through use of his likeness and vocal talents.

The veteran actor-cum-director said: "This will be an opportunity to satisfy the many requests over the years to continue the 'Dirty Harry' legacy, only now in the video game medium. Creating 'Dirty Harry' video games will also introduce this memorable film character to new generations on a medium they appreciate."

Whilst a lot of people may believe Clint has already appeared in game format - namely Red Dead Revolver - they would be wrong. That was merely an homage to the man, albeit a rather blatant one.

As it would seem is pretty much the norm right now, no details have been announced, save that the game is being targeted for next-gen consoles, so we're sticking our necks out and guessing PS3 and Xbox 2/Xenon/360/Gates-o-tron 5000. We'll report more. If you're feelin' lucky... Punks*.

*i.e. When we get more information.