FreeStyle Games, the developers of DJ Hero, will not be dropped by Activision despite the fact that the publisher has recently shut a number of its studios.

The studio is currently working on a secret project, as reported in a statement to Eurogamer.

"Today we are excited to share with our fans and community the news that we will continue our strong partnership with Activision, with work starting on a new, innovative project." said creative director Jamie Jackson.

"While we are still in a consultation process with the studio, we cannot release details about the project we will be working on but we look forward to sharing more information in the coming months."

Additionally, the studio's design director David Osbourn has confirmed that a number of staff have been affected by Activision's recent cutbacks.

"We envisage that approximately 35 roles will be impacted and are consulting with the studio to offer tools and resources, including outplacement counselling services and career fairs etc to those employees affected."

Activision has recently ended both DJ and Guitar Hero franchises, so it will be interesting to see what FreeStyle will be working on. The publisher seems to be formally moving away from the rhythm genre, however FreeStyle's history in games is steeped in both music and dance games - stretching from B-Boy, to Buzz! Junior, right through to the DJ Hero series.