At a briefing in London, Disney's chief financial officer Tom Staggs told gathered journalists, "We are ramping up our investment in video games... It is a market where there is real opportunity."

This year the company's spend on video games will reach $130 million, but Staggs added: "Over the next five years or so we are ramping up to about a pace of $350 million per year in video game investment, principally consoles and handhelds."

70% of the spend will go towards established franchises, with the remaining 30% invested in developing new IP.

One newly created and successful IP is Spectrobes for Nintendo DS. Staggs noted that the 700,000 unit selling RPG "warrants a sequel." The company also has ambitious plans in the online arena with its massively multiplayer online game based on the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Only last week Disney announced a deal with comic book creator Stan Lee to create a series of superhero franchises - a deal which included video games.