British developer Studio Gobo is contributing to the development of Disney Infinity alongside Avalanche Software, it's been revealed.

Studio Gobo, which is headed up by Climax/Black Rock Studio co-founder Tony Beckwith, is building the game's Pirates of the Caribbean play set, one of the three play sets included with the Disney Infinity Starter Pack.

It isn't yet known whether Studio Gobo is developing any other play sets due to be released for Disney Infinity, or whether any other developers are also contributing to the game's development.

Disney has previously suggested that each play set will play differently. This could be the reason why.

Prior to the reveal of Studio Gobo's involvement, Avalanche Software, developer of 2010's Toy Story 3: The Video game, had been expected to be developing all of Infinity.

Other play sets confirmed for Disney Infinity's first release include Monsters University, The Incredibles and Cars.

Disney had not returned's request for comment at the time of publishing.

Source: Facebook