Unannounced Disney Infinity toys allegedly due to go on sale later this year - including characters from upcoming animated film Frozen and Disney icon Mickey Mouse - have been listed by French retailer Micromania.fr.

The listings (spotted by DisneyInfinityFans.com) have all since been removed, but are still visible in the site's Google cache.

Mickey Mouse and Frozen's Anna and Elsa are each due to go on sale this November, the retailer suggests, with special 'Crystal' versions of previously announced characters set to appear throughout the year.

A 'Snow Queen Mission Pack' has also been listed, suggesting that a Play Set based on Frozen may be released alongside the film later this year.

Disney has officially announced five play sets for Disney Infinity so far, with a sixth - Toy Story In Space - uncovered in a recent official video. It isn't yet known how Mickey will tie in.

The toy-collecting game goes on sale on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, 3DS and PC on August 23.

Source: micromania.fr, disneyinfinityfans.com