Disney Infinity, a new game platform not too dissimilar to Activision's Skylanders, has been announced by Disney Interactive for release this summer on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS.

Developed by Disney Interactive and Avalanche Software, Disney Infinity promises to allow players to experience original adventures in some of their favourite Disney and Pixar worlds and to build their own worlds from their imagination.

Disney Infinity integrates collectible character figures that come to life in the game. These figures provide experiences that are true to these characters and stories, as well as the opportunity to bring characters from various Disney and Pixar films to play together in a virtual Toy Box.

"Disney Infinity introduces a new way to interact with the best of Disney on one game platform, both now and in the future," said John Pleasants, co-president, Disney Interactive. "With this innovative approach to gaming, Disney Infinity will bring to life new characters, stories and environments from The Walt Disney Company over time in a way that will delight fans and gamers alike."

A number of story-driven experiences, called Play Sets, will challenge players to solve challenging puzzles, battle enemies and explore iconic locations from famous Disney properties, while collecting unique characters, vehicles, and gadgets from each world and saving them to a virtual Toy Box.

The Disney Infinity Platform includes:

Disney Infinity Interactive Pieces - Initially a line of 40 collectible interactive pieces will be introduced that allow players to expand and customize their play experiences.

Disney Infinity Interactive Character Figures - Seventeen character figures will allow players to experience a variety of their favourite characters in true to property experiences and in Toy Box mode.

Disney Infinity Base - When figures are placed on the Infinity base, they unlock the world and play experiences of Disney Infinity.

Disney Infinity Power Discs - Interactive discs can be placed on the Infinity base to power up characters and Toy Box with unique powers, customizations and gadgets.

In addition to the console launch this summer, Disney Infinity will roll out across mobile and online devices throughout 2013.

Disney Infinity seems like an obvious attempt to cash-in on the success of Activision's Skylanders series, and launching at the end of a console cycle is a sensible move to capitalise on large user bases.

I'm not so sure about the art style, which seems to be its own thing rather than anything recognisably Disney, but this no doubt helps all the worlds blend together.


Source: Press release