Disney Infinity could replace the need for standalone movie tie-in games from Disney, the publisher has suggested.

Talking to VideoGamer.com this afternoon, the game's executive producer John Vignocchi revealed that Disney plans to release new Play Sets and characters based on films "day and date" with future box office releases, with the Infinity platform negating the necessity for Disney to develop a full, standalone game.

"In the past, we used to do a game based on Tangled, and a game based on Tron, and a game based on Epic Mickey, and every single time whether it was an internal developer or external developer, we were starting from scratch," Vignocchi told VideoGamer.com.

"That team, starting with the film-makers and establishing the relationship, that always takes a very long time, right? Creating brand new character art, brand new animations, brand new game mechanics, they're building a game from scratch.

"Our idea was, what if we created a platform that all the content could live in? From a development perspective, we can leverage all of the existing work that we've done, so that there may be another character similar to Mr. Incredible in terms of having super strength.

"You can imagine when you look at all of the different Disney properties and, you know, Iron Man, right, that we could actually leverage some of the mechanics we've already built for a character like Mr. Incredible to help add additional characters in, make them feel different and have an absolutely different experience. So we're not starting from scratch in that regard."

However, while Disney itself may not have plans to develop full movie games in the future, it still seems open to the idea of a third-party publisher snapping up the rights to one.

"We like the idea where the team at Avalanche are working on doing a lot of stuff," Vignocchi continued. "But that doesn't mean that there's not opportunistically going to be opportunities where we give something to a different publisher to explore a larger game that's more of a 30-hour experience versus what we're delivering inside of Infinity."

A new Disney Infinity game is due for release each year, Vignocchi told VideoGamer.com, with each holding data for the following 12 months' worth of characters and Play Sets.

The first Disney Infinity game is due for release this June.

Source: Disney Infinity press event attended by VideoGamer.com