US lifetime to date sales of four Capcom Wii titles have been revealed, including Resident Evil 4, Umbrella Chronicles, Zack & Wiki and Okami.

As reported by IGN, NPD data shows that brilliant point and waggle puzzler Zack & Wiki has sold a paltry 116,600 in the US and wonderful Zelda-like adventure game Okami has struggled to a disappointing 165,900.

Conversely, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles has sold an OK 398,800, and Resident Evil 4, the Wii port of the GameCube original, has sold an impressive 759,000.

The sales figures are particularly depressing when you consider just how great both Zack & Wiki and Okami are. The figures also go some way to explaining why a sequel to either title is unlikely.

The case of Okami and Zack & Wiki reinforce the widely held belief that third-party Wii games struggle to sell on Nintendo's motion-sensing console.

Capcom will hope its upcoming Wii exclusive Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, due out on February 27, bucks the trend.