Based on Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64, the game will arrive on the Nintendo DS with new playable characters, retextured tracks, track editor mode, brand new unlockables and online play over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

The evil pig wizard, Wizpig, has arrived at Timber's Island and wants to take control. It's up to Diddy, Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong to defeat him. Choose your favourite mode of transport from a choice of kart, hovercraft or airplane as you race around 20 colourful 3D tracks in an effort to banish Wizpig from the island for good.

In multiplayer modes, up to eight players can race wirelessly using just a single game card. This enables players to take part in Single Races, Trophy Races, Battle Traces, Token Tussles and Wish Races. You can also take the action online using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Online up to six players can take part in a choice of single races, battle tracks or trophy races

Diddy Kong Racing DS launches across Europe on April 20.