The website and LinkedIn profile of character artist Daveed Kaplan suggests Square Enix were recently working on an unannounced FPS set in feudal Japan.

Spotted by VG247, Kaplan's portfolio notes that he handled "the production of character development and in game assets for the vertical slice of a first person shooter based in feudal Japan."

A vertical slice is a term used by developers to reference a brief chunk of gameplay that showcases many of the game's primary features - they are often used by developers when pitching potential games to publishers.

Kaplan's brief contract and the mention of a 'pitch' on his LinkedIn profile suggest the project never made it past the conceptual stages.

Square Enix's last big shooter was 2006's Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. said you'd be best giving it a miss "unless your idea of great gameplay is random button hammering broken up by really badly-acted cut-scenes" in a 4/10 Dirge of Cerberus review.

Maybe it's for the best that the project was cancelled, then.

Kaplan is now working at 343 Industries. Does he know about the next Halo game?