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Did Sony tease Metal Gear Rising 2 over the weekend?

UPDATE: Kojima Productions has further denied the rumour, stating that it “did not tease a new game at the Taipei Game Show”.

“The trailer screencap in question is from SCE and not affiliated with Kojima Productions or Metal Gear,” the developer said.

ORIGINAL STORY: Is a sequel to Metal Gear Rising in development? Kojima Productions suggests not but, if that’s the case, why did an apparent teaser for the game appear in a Sony-created trailer this weekend?

As spotted by DualShockers, a number ‘2’ appearing to use the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance font briefly appeared in an official Sony trailer broadcast during the Taipei Game Show on Saturday, prompting speculation that a sequel could be in development for PS4.

However, Kojima Productions’ senior producer Ken-ichiro Imaizumi later claimed not to know anything about the game, denying that he knew what the number was referring to when asked on Twitter.

“We don’t know [what the number 2 is],” he said. “Sounds like it just a countdown number ‘2’. It’s SCE made trailer.”

“It’s a countdown graphic like 3. 2, 1,” he later added. “Did you check the actual SCE line up trailer?”

The countdown is spoken by one of the characters from upcoming PS4-exclusive The Order: 1886. But if it is just a countdown graphic, why did Sony choose to use the Metal Gear Rising font or highlight the number 2? Graphics do not appear for any other number.

A Konami representative declined to comment on the rumour when contacted by this morning.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance launched on Xbox 360 and PS3 in February 2013, with a PC release following early last year.

Do you think this is a teaser for Metal Gear Rising 2? Head to 2:46:40 in the video below to take a look yourself.

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