DICE has refused to confirm whether or not Battlefield 4 will release on PlayStation 4 or Microsoft's next-gen Xbox.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com last night, creative director Lars Gustavsson said that he "cannot" confirm DICE's next-gen plans for Battlefield 4, despite the reveal of the studio"s new high-end engine Frostbite 3.

"It's more [because] here, right now, we want the focus to be on the single-player demo," Gustavsson replied, when we asked why the developer couldn't confirm whether Battlefield 4 is heading to next-gen platforms.

"When we built this engine, I think we already felt when we did Battlefield 3 with Frostbite 2 that it was kind of a power horse. It had enormous potential. We talked then about next-generation technology on the current generation of platforms, and I still have that feeling that we've done so many tech improvements in that engine that are, in many ways, just making things look more beautiful for a cheaper cost."

Despite DICE's official line, however, Frostbite 3's senior development director Carl Almgren appeared to drop hints at a next-gen release during a separate discussion detailing the new engine.

"We wanted to take full use of the existing consoles," said Almgren, discussing the reasons behind developing Frostbite 3, "but even more important[ly] higher multi-core PC platforms. Since 2011 we firmly believed that this would be the base for all future platforms."

Battlefield 4 is currently confirmed for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The game will not be released on Wii U.

But why won't DICE confirm or deny a next-gen release? Could a next-gen Battlefield 4 announcement be planned for Microsoft's next-gen Xbox reveal?


Source: VideoGamer.com Interview at Battlefield 4 reveal event in Stockholm. Travel and accommodation provided by EA.