DICE will "definitely" look at its back catalogue of Battlefield games "first" for the setting of the next Battlefield game, the series' producer has told VideoGamer.com.

DICE's most recent Battlefield game, the downloadable Battlefield 1943, was set in World War II. The upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2, due out for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 5, is set in a Modern Warfare-style near future.

Details on the setting of Battlefield 3, confirmed to be development by EA in June last year, are yet to be revealed.

When asked if Vietnam was a setting DICE would like to return to, series producer Gordon Van Dyke told VideoGamer.com: "I'd love to do any of them. We have such a wealth of back catalogue stuff we could pull from and do something similar to that, that it's almost mind-boggling.

"Right now, anybody's guess is as good as mine on what we could do. But definitely know that the back catalogue is a great resource for us, and we definitely would look there first - for a little inside scoop!"

DICE has used numerous time periods and real-world conflicts as settings for the long-running Battlefield series, including World War I, World War II, modern warfare and indeed Vietnam.

Could Battlefield 3 see the series return to Vietnam?