DICE is seeking players to help "test new ideas and solutions to current issues" for Battlefield 4 as part of a new 'Community Test Environment' program.

One of the first things players will help test is the game's netcode, which the developer defines as "what the player experiences with the game world including player-to-player interactions like damage registration".

"By launching this new program, not only will we be able to address player feedback at an early stage, but also increase the overall quality of the game," DICE says. "We are excited to explore the possibilities together with you."

The program is only available to PC Premium members, although signups appear to have closed just hours after opening.

Battlefield 4 launched in October last year to a host of issues, the majority of which are believed to have been fixed. Nevertheless, some fans are understandably unhappy with DICE turning to the community to help fix the game months after launch.

"Hopefully they will make some more options for Premuim members to join," said one fan. "But in my words all of this is 6 months to late."

A new Battlefield title is hotly tipped to be revealed at E3 next month with a further two Battlefield 4 expansion packs due to launch this summer.

Source: blogs.battlefield.com