Battlefield 4 developer DICE considered opening a new studio in the UK before settling on Los Angeles, according to a new report.

Speaking in the latest issue of MCV, general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson revealed that the developer "ran the whole due diligence on where we will open a new studio" and considered locations "all over the world".

However, the decision to opt for LA came down to having former DICE Stockholm staff already working in California, presumably at defunct Medal of Honor studio Danger Close.

"The final reason, and it's a very individual one, is that we had people in LA already, people who had already worked at DICE Stockholm," Troedsson continued, "and we had people who were going to leave us in Sweden and go to LA to work for other companies. So there was a foundation of people we trusted there.

"Britain was definitely one of the places we looked at, and it would have been closer to Stockholm. But in the end we decided for LA. Maybe it was because of the weather?"

DICE opened DICE LA in 2013, with the studio collaborating with DICE Stockholm on last year's Battlefield 4. The studio is believed to have been responsible for the majority of Battlefield 4's post-release DLC.

UK studio Ghost Games UK is also rumoured to be collaborating with DICE and Visceral on this year's Battlefield Hardline.

Source: MCV | Issue 796