DICE has told Battlefield 4 players how they can help the developer iron out the kinks leading to the CE-34878-0 crash on PlayStation 4.

In an update on Battlelog, the developer said that it was aware that "players on PS4 can get the 'CE-34878-0 crash' error message," but denied that it was an error specific to Battlefield 4.

"This is in fact a general error code that you can receive when the game has crashed for a number of different reasons that are not related," it said.

"You can help us to identify these individual issues by providing a few details in the crash report (we read all of them.) For example what game mode you were playing and on what map you crashed. Doing this will help us a lot to reproduce the issues and investigate fixes for them in upcoming patches."

DICE adds that it is continuing to work hard "to increase the stability of the game," and advises players that the latest updates on its progress can be found on the game's forums.

CE-34878-0 has been linked to multiple PS4 titles, including NBA 2K14, FIFA 14 and Need For Speed Rivals, but it isn't yet known what causes it.

Yesterday it was revealed that US law firm Holzer Holzer & Fistel had launched an investigation into whether EA "complied with the federal securities law" during the development of Battlefield 4.

The investigation is thought to be linked to the temporary halt of future DICE projects and Battlefield 4 DLC while issues with Battlefield 4 are fixed.

The latest patch for the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 launched earlier this week, with an Xbox One update due between now and early next week.

Source: battlelog.battlefield.com