Diablo 4 players are furious after losing their hardcore characters to a bug

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The Diablo 4 hardcore race to level 100 is well underway, but a few fans have recently learned that this competition isn’t for the faint of heart as some have apparently lost their characters due to a gamebreaking bug. Though the cause for the glitch is currently unclear at the time of writing, it appears to occur whenever players are engaged with a large mob as the sheer number of enemies is seemingly too much for the server to handle.

With this frustrating flaw currently plaguing the system, not even the best Barbarian build can help prevent you from falling victim to this glitch. The threat it poses to hardcore Diablo 4 competitors becomes even more evident due to the fact that a few streamers have already reported coming across it during their own runs.

One particular content creator named pshero even posted a video recently, showing viewers how he lost his level 79 hardcore character to this specific bug. Based on the short clip provided, the streamer was simply making his way through a dungeon with his best Rogue build equipped until he came across a few undead Elites that could cast freezing abilities on player characters.

As soon as the sword-wielding revenants cast a couple of ice walls, pshero’s game immediately froze and was then booted from the session afterwards. Upon relaunching Diablo 4, he found that his avatar had already been deleted since he was taken to the character creation screen as soon as it finished loading up. A few viewers commenting under the video couldn’t help but admire his dedication while some ended up simply sharing their own experiences with this glitch.

Now, the deletion of a high-level character would force most players to drop the game entirely. However, pshero isn’t like most users as he immediately created a new Rogue again to restart his grind towards reaching the hardcore race finish line. But with that said, hopefully Blizzard can fix this problem soon as nobody wants to restart their progress just because of an issue that’s outside of your control.

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