Diablo 3's 2.4.3 patch rolled out last week, bringing some pretty cool 20th Anniversary content, plus support for PS4 Pro.

Patch notes simply stated, "support has been added for 4k output for the PS4 Pro", leading to much internet chatter about exactly what the update did.

Thankfully Digital Foundry has stepped in with a verdict, and it's pretty good news.

Whilst Diablo 3 doesn't run at a solid 4K, it uses dynamic resolution from 1080p up to 2160p (4K), with the goal of maintaining its smooth 60 frames per second presentation. What you get is native 4K for indoor areas when little else is going on. Up the ante and the resolution drops, but on the whole Diablo 3 looks great on PS4 Pro with a significant step up from the base console's visuals.

1080p TV users will get the same dynamic res, supersampled for their display.

The resolution bump is the main benefit to Pro users, though DF also notes that there is some improvement to ambient occlusion and better bloom effects.

Given Blizzard's PS4 Pro update for Overwatch was so poor, it's great to see worthwhile updates to Diablo.

Source: Eurogamer