Deus Ex: Human Revolution is heading to Wii U, according to a listing on Amazon.

A listing for the game popped up on the retailer's US arm overnight, revealing that a Director's Cut of the game will release on Wii U this May.

According to the listing, the Wii U version will include a "multitude of improvements, features and additional content", with the GamePad being used to make lead character Adam Jensen's 'Neural Hub' available "right at the tips of your fingers".

It isn't clear from the listing whether the original game's developer Eidos Montreal is behind the Wii U port, or whether the Director's Cut will include the game's 'Missing Link' DLC.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution first released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in August 2011.

A Wii U port has long been rumoured to be in development following comments made by the CEO of Australian developer Straight Right last October, and references to a Wii U port of a "triple-A Square Enix game" on one of its employee's LinkedIn profiles.

Straight Right previously handled the Wii U port of Mass Effect 3.

Rumours suggest that the title could be formally revealed during this weekend's PAX East.

Square Enix declined to comment when contacted by this morning.