Detroit: Become Human launches on Epic Games Store next month

Detroit: Become Human launches on Epic Games Store next month
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Detroit: Become Human is coming to PC through the Epic Games Store on December 12, 2019.

Detroit: Become Human had the most successful launch ever for developer Quantic Dream and has gone the distance since it came out for the PlayStation 4 in 2018. The game has sold over three million copies worldwide, and as the studio split from Sony Interactive Entertainment, it now has an ambition to become a “boutique publisher”. By “backing few titles and championing originality and high quality, while providing tech and industrial support”, Quantic Dream will produce multiplatform games that “expand our creative vision”. 

Included in Quantic Dream’s future prospects are the PC ports of Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human. The previous two are already available on the Epic Games Store and Detroit: Become Human will join them on December 12. Its gameplay has been overhauled to be compatible with mouse and keyboard and gamepad controls, so, there’ll be all-new ways to mess up that quicktime event and get Connor flattened by a lorry. Which will never not be mildly and morbidly comedic.

“Porting the game to PC has been a tremendous challenge, as we wanted players to get the original experience without any compromise. So we entirely redesigned the interface and developed a new engine to offer 4k resolution and high quality rendering on a wide range of PCs,” said David Cage, founder of Quantic Dream. “We are glad to welcome more ‘deviants’ into the dystopic world of Detroit, and allow them to discover Quantic Dream’s vision of interactive storytelling.”

Detroit: Become Human is available on the PlayStation 4, and will be coming to PC on December 12.