NetEase has confirmed another major investment by acquiring a minority stake in Detroit: Become Human developer, Quantic Dream.

While the exact value of NetEase's investment was not divulged, the company confirmed that Quantic will remain operating independently, with David Cage and Guillaume de Foundaumiere continuing to steer the ship. Rather, the funds will be directed to 'further the development and distribution of global online games.'

'This strategic investment aims to support the studio's vision of becoming a global, multi-franchise entertainment company, and to develop advanced technologies and games for the future,' said the company.

'The landscape of the gaming industry will go through major evolutions in the coming years, with new hardware to come, new business models to explore and new ways of playing to invent,' Cage said in a statement. 'We want Quantic Dream to take a key role in this exciting future and having NetEase by our side as a strategic partner will allow us to expand our creative vision and develop the company to its fullest potential. NetEase understands what Quantic is about as they share our passion for high quality games and our ambitions for the studio.'

NetEase had previously thrown $100 million at Bungie to churn out games that, well, aren't Destiny. 

Detroit: Become Human released last May on PlayStation 4, although Colm wasn't all that impressed with it.

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