Quantic Dream has announced that it will release a demo of PlayStation 4-exclusive thriller Detroit: Become Human on the PlayStation Store this week.

The company revealed the news in a post on the PlayStation Blog, confirming the game has now officially gone gold after four years of development. Detroit's playable demo will feature a sequence known as Hostage, which is the first scene of the game, and will be available to download tomorrow.

'During these four years, we have gone through all possible states and emotions that the development of such a challenging project induces: the pride of working on something special and unique, the doubt of attaining all our creative and technical goals, the hope when publicly releasing scenes and trailers and seeing players’ positive reactions, the fear of not having enough time and resources to make everything perfect, the joy of finally seeing all parts of the puzzle come together, scene after scene, and finally being able to play the game from start to finish,' commented Quantic Dream co-CEO, Guillaume de Fondaumiere.

Detroit: Become Human is due out for PS4 on May 25, and is based off of the 2012 Kara tech demo for the PS3. Players control three major android characters throughout the story (Kara, Connor, and Markus), and can directly influence the outcome of each of their stories by making key decisions through dialogue choices and interactive scenes, similar to previous Quantic games.


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