The Pokemon Company has announced that 3DS crime caper Detective Pikachu will launch in the US and Europe on March 23, some two years after its original Japanese debut. The little yellow blighter's comical adventure game will arrive in the west complete with a larger-than-life Amiibo to boot.

Towering over the standard size figure at 13.6cm, the Detective Pikachu Amiibo will be used to unlock brief videos that will provide you with some helpful tips for your adventure. There's no price point yet, although the Japanese version (which is launching alongside the retail version of the game there) costs around £20.

Detective Pikachu sees the lovable Pokemon teaming up with a chap named Tim Goodman, a detective who is on a mission to solve the many secrets of Ryme City by chatting to locals and gathering clues. Bizarrely, Pikachu can not only speak English, but has a somewhat gruff demeanour and a penchant for guzzling coffee. 

Check out the Detective Pikachu trailer below.

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