The beta for the much anticipated Monster Hunter World goes live exclusively on PlayStation 4 this weekend, and Capcom has made a post on its Capcom Unity blog to detail exactly when and what you'll get to play with during the beta.

The action will kick off from 5pm GMT on December 9 and run through until Tuesday December 12 at 4:59pm GMT and will require 5.9GB of free space on your PlayStation 4. A PS Plus sub will also be required, naturally. You'll be able to begin download of the beta ahead of it starting from Friday, December 8.

The beta will feature three creatures you and up to three friends can try and capture across the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste areas of the game. The Great Jagras and an Anjanath can be found in the former while the Barroth roams the latter. Completing each of these hunts will net you rewards that will unlock in the full game when that releases early next year including face paints and item sets.

There's 14 weapon types to play with which you'll be able to change at camp, and you'll even get a chance to try each of those weapons out in the game's all new Training Room which will also be available in the beta.

Capcom has also published a video explaining the beta, although at the time of writing it's only available in Japanese. We'll update this post with the English language version of the video if and when one becomes available.

Though this beta is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 (as will the option to play as Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn) the full game will be released on that console as well as the Xbox One on January 28, 2018 and at a later, to be confirmed date, on the PC. 

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