Ben Borthwick by on Jan 22, 2021

Destruction AllStars invites you to meet the AllStars in latest trailer

Sony has released a new trailer for its upcoming multiplayer destruction derby game Destruction AllStars that introduces some of the game's characters as well as showing off some new gameplay.

As you'd expect, each AllStar has a unique vehicle with its own abilties that reflect the personality of their driver, and the first seven introduced in this trailer include luchador Ultimo Barricado, the very literally-named Boxtop and the heavy-truck driving Sgt Rescue to name but three of the characters featured in this trailer. The full game will allow you to pick from up to sixteen drivers and only seven are featured here, so we can probably expect an introduction to the other nine soon. 

Destruction AllStars is set to launch exclusively for the PlayStation 5 this February, so there's not long to go now. It'll also be launching straight onto PlayStation Plus as one of that month's free titles, check out the new trailer for yourself below. 



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Destruction AllStars

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Destruction AllStars

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31 December 2020