Sony has announced that over-the-top desctruction derby game Destruction AllStars has been delayed from its original projected release as a PlayStation 5 launch title into February 2021.

Not much detail on the reasons for the delay has been given for the decision as per the announcement on the PlayStation blog, except to say that they hope the extra time gives more people a chance to play it on launch saying they want "as many people as possible to experience the mayhem on PS5." However, as a make-good, the blog post also reveals that the game will be available for two months for all PlayStation Plus subscribers to download and keep for free as part of their subscriptions. 

Developers Lucid Games promise a new trailer next week in the meantime, as well as some more information on the game. It's a shame it won't be making it in time for the launch of PlayStation 5's launch —especially as it appeared in the console's recent UI reveal video earlier this month— but it certainly makes sense to hold off the multiplayer-focused game until it has the biggest possible audience it can.

All being well, Destruction AllStars is set to launch exclusively for the PlayStation 5 in February, 2021.


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