Science fiction MMO Defiance has made the jump from paid subscription to free-to-play in time for the premier of Season Two on June 19, Trion has announced.

Trion aims to launch free-to-play versions on PS3 and Xbox 360 on July 15.

Players can download the Defiance client and experience the entire Bay Area storyline, original end-game content, and future missions completely for free.

Those buying a new boxed or digital copy of the game will be granted the following:

  • A grant of 1,000 Arkforge, in-game currency redeemable for resetting weapon mastery, upgrading a weapon's power rating or even bumping an uncommon weapon to epic rarity.
  • 4 Character Slots, 5 Loadouts, up to 75 Ark Keycodes and a minimum 70 Inventory Slots.
  • 30 days of Paradise Patron status

Paradise Patrons are granted:

  • Boosts to skill, XP, scrip, salvage and reputation gain rates that stack with the matching boosts available in the store.
  • 10% store-wide discount - on boosts, costumes, lock boxes.
  • A grab bag of one-hour boosts or Arkforge from Daily and Weekly Ark Hunter Bonus Lock Boxes.

Season two of the TV show will air in the UK on Syfy.