Introversion, the indie developer behind Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON and Multiwinia, has announced it has regained all rights to the finished DS version of its acclaimed DEFCON franchise. The DS game was originally developed in conjunction with troubled distributor, Pinanacle.

"With the DSi flying off the shelves recently, we believe that there will be particular interest in a finished DS product with such a great track record, especially as the RTS/Strategy sector is so poorly served on the platform," said Mark Morris, Director at Introversion.

DEFCON on DS, a competitive strategy game simulating global thermonuclear war, has been developed to make full use of the stylus touch control interface, and promises to feature the same chilling atmosphere offered by the original PC version.

Introversion is currently seeking a publishing partner for the title and anticipates a Q3 2009 worldwide release.