Deathloop’s game director explains its time-twisting premise in a brand new trailer

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Bethesda and Arkane have put out another new trailer for upcoming murder puzzle Deathloop, only this time featuring the game's director Dinga Bakaba explaining the basic premise of the game ahead of its launch later this year.

It's a very handy primer especially if you've not been following so far: as an assassin trapped on a mysterious island known as Blackreed while stuck in a time loop, you'll have to assassinate eight targets—known as The Visionaries—all within a single day before the loop resets. You'll be able to take them down in any order you choose in order to try and make the perfect run and escape the island.

The most dangerous of these Visionaries will be Julianne, another assassin who seems to have similar abilities to your own. As Bakaba teases, she'll probably kill you more than once before your adventure is through. The good news is, you won't necessarily lose all your progress on every loop, rather you'll have the chance to retain weapons and abilities and get the chance to unlock more supernatural abilities and get more intel as the loops go on.

There's a bunch of other juicy titbits in there, but we'll let you watch the video for yourself rather than spoil it all here; Deathloop is scheduled for release on PlayStation 5 and PC on May 21, 2021. Meanwhile, you can check out last week's James Bond inspired trailer shown during the most recent State of Play event over here.


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