The man behind the wonderfully weird Deadly Premonition is eager to start work on a new game, but will only do so once a publisher has been found.

"It's high time we started working on something new," said Hidetaka Suehiro, who often refers to himself via the nickname SWERY65. "However, since the company I work for, Access Games, is only a developer at this point, we focus on creating games. We have to team up with a publisher and create a scheme for the entire process from production to release."

Speaking via Access Games' official blog, SWERY made a direct appeal to any publishers who might be interested in backing his next project.

"In other words, the reality of the matter is that I can say I want to make a new game as much as I want, but that alone is not enough to start the process. Would anyone be ready to invest in us?"

The developer added that he will "work until it kills him" to create "something really good".

Aside from Spy Profile on the PS2, SWERY is best known for making the highly divisive and outright weird Deadly Premonition: an open world survival horror with a serious Twin Peaks fetish, currently available only on the Xbox 360.

Despite its numerous flaws, I loved the game and gave it a score of 8. You can find out why in our Deadly Premonition review.