Twin Peaks was a massive influence on the plot and setting of Deadly Premonition. So when we met Swery 65 at gamescom, we asked if there were any other TV shows that might inspire one of this games.

Unsurprisingly, Swery mentioned Lost - another show that was driven by strange characters and mysteries.

"I played Lost: Via Domus," said Swery. "I can't speak or read English, but by getting a dictionary I was able to work things out. When I finished it, I thought, 'I wish I was involved in this game!' But I don't want to offend the developers.

"If you're asking if I would like to make a game that's like Lost... yes, definitely! That sounds like a cool thing to do."

Swery also explained that he's a big consumer of pop culture in general. Given the way Deadly Premonition referenced films like Tremors and The Goonies, that shouldn't come as a surprise.

"I watch a lot of TV dramas, a lot of movies, and I read a lot of books and manga, so there's a lot of daily influence that comes my way," he said. "I don't ever take down notes and say 'I want to make a game like this specific thing'. But there's definitely an influence."

Swery also cited Rome as a TV show he's a big fan of, although he's only seen the first season so far.

Deadly Premonition is available now for Xbox 360 via Games On Demand.