Multiplayer space combat game Dead Star has been revealed as one of next month's free PlayStation Plus games.

The PS4 game's inclusion was revealed by a notification sent to a user who had pre-ordered the sci-fi shooter from the PlayStation Store, which explained that they would be refunded for their order.

"We're excited to announce that Dead Star will be a free game for PlayStation Plus members in April," the message said. "As such, we are refunding the full amount of your pre-order. As an added bonus, the Dead Star theme you received will remain yours. Thanks again for your support, we hope you enjoy Dead Star in April!"

The five remaining games included in April's PS Plus line-up have yet to be revealed. This month's line-up, meanwhile, includes similarly-themed space shooter Galak-Z, Broforce, Super Stardust HD, The Last Guy, Flame Over and Reality Fighters.

Source: @BLAMdrew