EA and Visceral's Dead Space Extraction didn't find the audience it deserved on Wii, but perhaps it will on Xbox 360 and PS3.

According to a recent survey, EA is contemplating bringing the on-rails survival horror to Xbox LIVE Arcade and PSN. The survey suggests the game would retain the "guided first-person experience" of the Wii title, but will be presented in "full HD" with a tentative $15 price tag.

Sounds good, but we're not entirely sold on the idea of an on-rails shooter, especially when light-guns aren't exactly common in the PS3/Xbox 360 gamer's collection.

The Dead Space downloadable games don't end with the Extraction port, with a title called Planet Cracker, an extension to the Dead Space 2 story, also detailed by the survey. Described as a "resource strategy game where players will manage a CEC Mining operation," Planet Cracker will yield in-game rewards for Dead Space 2, in a similar fashion to Fable II and Fable II Pub Games.

Interestingly, both titles were also mentioned as possible pre-order incentives for those putting their money down for Dead Space 2.

Via Kotaku